Popular Insecticides
  • For house and garden
  • -To kill household insects: flying insects, flies, mosquitoes, hornets, aphids or night butterflies.
  • -Effective against crawling insects, bugs and fleas.
  • -It can also kill garden insects, on the flowers of all types, on the fruits and vegetables.
  • -Efficient against rodent-like insects (caterpillars, gray worms...) and against sucking insects (thrips visible, leafhoppers, spider mites, lace bugs, aphids and whiteflies).
  • Fulmigating insecticide.
  • Guarantee :
  • 0.20% Pyréthrines
  • 1.00% Butoxide de pipéronyle, Technique
  • Household product. Registration number 24979 P.A. law.
  • Against crawling insects
  • -Household product, residual spray for surfaces,gaps and cracks.
  • -Recommended for outdoor and indoor crawling insects such as spiders, pillbugs, earwigs, cockroaches, crickets, silverfish, ants, fleas, carpet beatles, brown dog ticks, flies and cluster flies.
  • Fulmigating insecticide.
  • Guaranties :
  • 0.05% d-trans Allethrinn-Octyl Biclycloheptene 0.25% Dicarboximide0.20% Permethrin
  • Household product. Registration number 251169 P.A. law.